• Windows 7, 8, or 10. Windows XP support is unconfirmed.
  • The Visual Studio 2019 x86 Redistributable is required for RSL. You might need to fully restart your PC for the install to properly complete.
  • A copy of Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered from steam. Support for the GOG version of re-mars-tered is planned for the future. The RSL does not work for any version of RFG other than re-mars-tered.



If you have a version of RSL prior to 0.5.0 installed, you should delete it before installing this version to minimize the chance of issues.

  • Download the latest release from the releases page. Just select the latest release, click the artifacts tab, and download the zip file listed there.
  • Unzip the release and copy the folder it contains into your Red Faction Guerrilla Re-mars-tered folder. In steam you can find that by right clicking the game in your library and then clicking Properties > Local files > Browse local files. Don’t worry about overwriting files, the RSL does not modify any files included with the game. After copying the files your RFGR folder should look something like this:
Roughly what you should see after a proper install

How your RFGR folder should look after a proper install. You might see a few other folders, which is fine.


Note that RSL.dll and the Scripts and Fonts folders are not in the same folder as rfg.exe. If they are, you’ve made a mistake.

  • Run re-mars-tered through steam as normal, you should see the RSL launcher pop up, here you can pick whether or not to play with the RSL. Choose to play with the RSL enabled.
  • Wait until you hear 3 beeps. This means that the RSL has succesfully activated. It might take 5-10 seconds before occuring, and you’ll need to load a save first before it’s fully active.
  • The RSL is now ready for use. You can use F1 to toggle the overlay where you’ll see a welcome menu with more shortcuts. You should read the usage guide and scripting guides for more info.

Known issues

Problem: “The game freezes at startup, or doesn’t show the launcher”


The launcher sometimes causes the game to lockup when it starts. This isn’t easily reproducible and has no fix yet. Instead there are ways to bypass the launcher. Find your RFGR game folder, it contains rfg.exe. To bypass the launcher and play the game with the RSL loaded, create an empty text file in that folder called RSL_No_Launcher.txt. To bypass the launcher and play the game with the RSL disabled (lets you use MP features), create a text file called Vanilla_No_Launcher.txt.

General Troubleshooting:

  • Make sure to restart your computer if you haven’t already after installing the Visual Studio 2019 x86 Redistributable. There have been a few instances where the installation wasn’t properly completed until the user fully restarted. For best results you should fully power down and start your PC again after several seconds.
  • If that doesn’t solve your issue, please create a new github issue or contact us on the Official Red Faction Discord Server in the mod_makers_talk channel. When you report a bug, please include a zipped copy of your RSL logs folder /RSL/Logs, the version you are using (available in the RSL about menu, or just as the name of the zip file you downloaded), and if possible, steps for reproducing your problem and a description of what is happening.